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Review answers to frequently asked questions from our fully certified Delaware, Ohio personal trainers!

Infinite Wellness at 501 is the leading health coaching and personal training studio in the Delaware, Ohio area. Whether you’ve been exercising for years, or you’re getting into the world of fitness for the first time, our role is to help you create and achieve any and all of your fitness goals using fun, motivating, and diverse services that appeal to all different body types and experience levels.

It’s not uncommon to have questions about our center or our services. Please feel free and click here or call us at any time at (614) 348-7621, or browse our most frequently asked questions below.

A: Gyms are large centers with weight machines and treadmills, where you’re tasked with finding your own workouts and trying to figure out how to reach your own goals. We’re a fitness, health, and wellness center. Our belief (and our goal) is to provide a variety of options to better your fitness, all in ways that are interactive, fun, enjoyable, personalized, and engaging. We’re here to help you get results, rather than sending you off on your own.

A: Personal trainers are essentially your own personalized support system for any fitness level. They’re here to teach you the right way to do exercises (to avoid injury and get the best results), find strategies that match your likes/dislikes, and give you someone that both motivates you and keeps you accountable. Having someone there with you to help you succeed will get you to achieve your goals faster.

A: What are your goals? That’s the question we use to help you reach that outcome. If your goal is weight loss, you can expect to lose weight in a healthy way. If your goal is strength, you can expect to create noticeable improvements in your strength. Flexibility? Endurance? Health? We’re there to meet any goal you have for yourself.

A: While they both share similarities, personal trainers tend to work with you primarily to reach fitness goals. They are experts at exercise development, safety, etc. Our health coaches can provide fitness tips and advice, but will also help you learn about better personalized nutrition, stress reduction, and more. Our health coaches use The Healthy Edge Program, which integrates nutrition with support, accountability, and stress management.

A: FitRanX is a nationally recognized fitness system for tracking progress and achievement. Using objective measurements, fitness tests, and achievable goals, you can move up to different levels and track your progress over time. It is a more fun, personalized, and objective way to see your improvements.

A: Absolutely! We offer programs that include FitRanX for kids, which provides all of the benefits of FitRanX for adults, combined with fun prizes and tailored to the needs of your child’s health.

A: It depends! Some of our programs bring in experts. Other programs partner you with a specific trainer that will be focused on meeting your fitness goals. Give us a call to find out about the specific programs we have available.

A: Yes. We offer a variety of morning workouts, evening workouts, 501 PunchFit – and we’re constantly adding new strategies if we’ve found them to be effective. We offer our members a variety of great workout options all throughout the year.

A: Yes! We frequently work with athletes that are looking to continue to grow and excel in their individual sport, as well as sports enthusiasts that want to improve in their game and work on their fitness in the process. Call us today for more information about our sports training services, and let us know if there is a specific sport or activity that you most prefer.

A: We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy Infinite Wellness at 501, that we provide two free workouts and a free consultation to anyone interested in joining our fitness center. Try us out, see how we are, and then you can sign up to start meeting your fitness goals.

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