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Taking Nutrition and Fitness to the Next Level in Delaware, Ohio

There are many ways to exercise. Some people find themselves wandering around a gym, choosing the machines that are open or look the most fun, and settling to just do those. Others find themselves using ideas they read online, or performing the same workouts each and every time and monitoring their progress by their scale weight.

FitRanX is a new method of fitness that uses science to determine progress, and devises a system of fitness that is specifically oriented towards moving forward, or “leveling up”. With FitRanx, we run you through a series of 8 levels of fitness tests. If you’re someone that has frequently found themselves lost at the gym, or someone that wants to take your years of training to the next level, FitRanX is for you.

Why FitRanX?

FitRanX is a special type of formalized fitness program. Rather than base your progress on how long you’ve been to the gym or how well someone tells you you’re doing, FitRanX uses a serious of metrics that evaluate your skillset and progress, and allow you to move up in levels – similar to belts in Karate.


The system uses fitness tests, specific full body workouts, and more to both determine where you are in your fitness goals and what you can do to move forward, and that makes it one of the most exciting new options in the fitness world.

Other awesome benefits of the FitRanx system include:

  • Provides measurable results and keeps you motivated
  • Gives you plenty of short term goals to reach and small victories to celebrate
  • Tests your abilities and develops positive energy
  • Ever changing workouts to ensure you never get bored at the gym again
  • A truly team oriented environment that ensures you get the help & support you need when you need it

FitRanX at Infinite Wellness at 501 in Delaware, Ohio

Infinite Wellness is one of the only FitRanX gyms in Ohio, and the only gym in the Delaware, OH area. Our staff is trained to use the FitRanX program, and we have developed a community that is supportive and ready to help you reach your fitness goals.

You can find more information about the FitRanX programs on their website. When you’re ready to sign up, please click here or call us at (614) 348-7621.

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