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Taking Nutrition and Fitness for Kids to the Next Level in Delaware, Ohio

Your child deserves a healthy lifestyle. As more and more children end up inactive and overweight in our country, it is important to teach your child functional exercise and healthy lifestyle habits as a foundation for their future. But for most children, the idea of simply lifting weights or jogging on a treadmill isn’t that appealing. You want to teach your child to exercise in a way that they enjoy, and helps them progress while preventing injury and gaining strength and endurance.

At Infinite Wellness, we offer FitRanX for kids – a modified version of our popular FitRanX program that helps to make fitness fun for children of all ages.

Benefits of FitRanX for Kids in Delaware, Ohio

FitRanX is a fun and engaging fitness program that teaches kids functional exercise, proper technique and learning healthy lifestyle habits. The workouts are similar to a game, so they are learning exercise while having fun. FitRanx creates an opportunity for kids to learn how to challenge themselves without discouraging their growth. Every week, kids in the fitness program try to achieve various fitness goals and focus on improving nutritional habits. Working out in small groups develops emotional and social skills as well.

Your kids will receive many rewards as they move through the program, including:

  • Personal Achievement – The FitRanX program for kids is designed to provide your child with a feeling of achievement, with many easy-to-reach levels that will help your child build core strength, flexibility all while building self-esteem. They will stay motivated and work toward the the next level.
  • Change and Experience – The FitRanX program is designed to never be boring. As they move up in the system, your child will have new experiences, try new workouts – even learn more about their eating and nutritional habits – and ultimately find fitness to be more fun, engaging, and interesting than traditional exercise.
  • Actual Rewards – In addition to the emotional rewards, the FitRanX for kids program allows your child to earn a reward for each level achieved.

FitRanX is one of the most popular new programs in the Central Ohio area, and the FitRanX for kids program at Infinite Wellness at 501 ensures that your child can get in on the fun in a way that is customized for the needs of young minds and bodies.

Kids Fitness in Delaware, Ohio

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