The Healthy Edge Lifestyle Coaching & Weight Loss Program in Delaware, OH

/The Healthy Edge Lifestyle Coaching & Weight Loss Program in Delaware, OH
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The Healthy Edge Lifestyle & Weight Loss Program in Delaware, OH


Our mission at Infinite Wellness at 501 is to be a source of complete, comprehensive health. It’s more than gaining muscles or losing calories. It is about living a healthier lifestyle that will have you feeling as mentally fit as you are physically fit, and helping you engage in behaviors that last long after you leave the gym.

That is why we are incredibly pleased to be able to offer the Healthy Edge program as part of our commitment to Wellness at IW501.  Our 5 Daily Goals are simple to implement into a busy lifestyle.

What is The Healthy Edge?

We live busier lives now than at any point in our history. Men and women of all ages, all over Delaware are struggling with weight gain, stress and depression, lack of energy, and much more. But maintaining a fitness or nutritional program that is time consuming, complex, and not geared for a busy life is often a tremendous challenge.

The Healthy Edge Program is designed for those that live these busy schedules, and need a system for health and wellness that is simple, easy to implement, fun, and can provide long lasting results. It is an 8 week course centered not only on weight loss, but also on:

  • Support & Accountability
  • Empowerment
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Support

At Infinite Wellness at 501, we engage and manage individuals into this revolutionary new program. Every week, you’ll learn more about implementing our five daily goals  and make small changes to transition into a long lasting lifestyle.  We integrate basic  exercises or a full workout program  that you will fit into your busy day.  It’s simple; we eat whole  foods that are both delicious and healthy. Living the Health Edge Lifestyle at IW501’s Fitness Studio in Delaware, OH

Members of Infinite Wellness at 501 working out during a Healthy Edge small group fitness class in Delaware, OH

We’re proud to bring this exciting, transformative lifestyle program to Delaware, OH. We would love the opportunity to talk and Create a Game Plan for You!  If you are interested in learning more about The Healthy Edge, click here or call us today at (614) 348-7621 to schedule your FREE breakthrough session and 2 FREE workouts!

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